Mgr. Miroslav  Kolařík, PhD.

Head of the Laboratory: Miroslav Kolařík, PhD.

Phone: +420 296 442 332



Our research interests are centered on understanding of complex biology of several fungal groups of eminent importance for humankind. Our group spans the full spectrum of activities, from study of diversity, ecology, taxonomy, evolution, genetics, physiology, biochemistry and secondary metabolites production. Ergot fungi (genus Claviceps) and their metabolites, together with microbial fatty acids and lipids inventories have been the principal focus of our lab. Since 1999 our research program has expanded to include fungal symbionts of insects (bark beetles and wood wasps) and plant endophytes, which includes numerous phytopathogenic species and producers of novel bioactive compounds. The most recent projects involve fungi from the caves (incl. pathogens of bats) and taxonomy and epidemiology of clinical fungi (eg. Aspergillus, dermatophytes). Other projects involve diversity of bacteria associated with bats, fungi in highly acidic soils and taxonomy of basidiomycetes.

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