Laboratoř regulace genové exprese

Laboratoř regulace genové exprese nabízí volné místo pro Ph.D. a diplomové studenty v oboru molekulární biologie regulace proteosyntézy.

Ph.D. and Diploma POSITIONS in


 We seek one ambitious, well-trained and skillful Ph.D. student and one highly motivated and eager-to-learn Diploma student to address several important questions in the field of protein synthesis. Our laboratory investigates a basic concept of translation and various aspects of its regulation and frequently publishes in prestigious journals such as Genes&Dev., NAR, PLoS Genet, RNA etc. Since 2006, 7 Diploma and 6 Ph.D. students earned their degree in our laboratory and 3 more Ph.D. students will finish soon. Planned studies, listed below, will make use of the human cell lines, as well as a classical model organism budding yeast S. cerevisiae, and employ tools of biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics.

  1. a) The role of initiation factors in translation initiation and termination of humans.
  1. b) Deciphering the mechanism of stop codon readthrough by near-cognate tRNAs with the help of some initiation factors and its application in medicine.

Join a closely cooperating international team of young and eager researches and students! Our laboratory is supported by the Wellcome Trust, the UK-based world-renowned funding body, as well as by the Centre of Excellence Grant awarded by the Czech Grant Agency.

Interested? Please visit us at and give us a line at Thank you.


Leoš Shivaya Valášek, Ph.D.

Laboratory of Regulation of Gene Expressionlogo_Laboratory of Regulation of Gene Expression

Institute of Microbiology of the CAS, v. v. i.

Vídeňská 1083, Prague, the Czech Republic


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