The Karel Preis Award for the best work published in the journal Chemické listy in 2020 was received by a team of authors for the number Chemické listy, volumes 2-3 (2020) entitled “Selected Chapters from Mass Spectrometry”.

The award is named after the founder of Listy chemie, prof. Karel Preis (1846-1916), an important expert in the field of general inorganic chemistry. The Karel Preise Prize was established in 1997 and is awarded annually by the editorial board of the Chemické listy magazine for the best publication of the year.

“Selected chapters from mass spectrometry” represent the most comprehensive textbook on mass spectrometry in the Czech language in the last 20 years. The set of twenty review works was edited by the trio František Tureček (University of Washington), Vladimír Havlíček and Karel Lemr (both Institute of Microbiology AS CR). The review papers include the chemistry of ions in the gas phase, cover the principles of ionization techniques, mass analyzers, fragmentation mechanisms, solved examples of interpretation of mass spectra, quantitative analysis and selected applications of mass spectrometry.

Full texts can be downloaded here: