Head of the Center:  Mgr. Babak Minofar, PhD.

Phone : +420 389 033 801
Fax: +420 386 361 279

Email: minofar@nh.cas.cz

Website: http://nh.cas.cz/index.php


Dagmar Kaftanová, MSc.

Phone No.: +420 389 033 806

Fax: +420 386 361 279

Email: kaftanova@nh.cas.cz

The Center for Nanobiology and Structural Biology (CNSB) in Nové Hrady is a research unit of the Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and carries out research in the field of structural and systems biology on a molecular, cell, tissue, and organism level.  Despite the short time of their existence, CNSB research groups already achieved excellent scientific results, publishing in highly visible journals such as Nature, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, Nature Methods, etc.


Zamek 136, CZ 37333 Nove Hrady, Czech Republic

Secretary: Daniela Hambergerová

Phone: +420 389 033 806
Fax: +420 386 361 279
E-mail: hambergerova@nh.cas.cz


Scientific Departments:

Lazar Lab
Kuta Smatanova Lab

Reha lab
Ettrich lab
Minofar Lab
Ludwig Lab









Built in the Empire style, the Center is situated in the historical building of the Nové Hrady château in South Bohemia about 170 km south of Prague.