Laboratoř buněčné signalizace hledá pro nadcházející akademický rok 2017/2018 Ph.D studenty(ky) v oboru buněčná a nádorová biologie.

For the upcoming academic year 2017/2018.

Laboratory of Cell Signaling is seeking PhD candidates who are interested in the field of Cell and Cancer Biology.

zahlaviPhD student positions are available at the Laboratory of Cell Signaling at the Institute of Microbiology in Prague.

Our research group investigates the role of the ERK signaling pathway in several biological processes such as actin cytoskeleton remodeling, defining cell shape and polarity, cell migration and cell invasion. We also investigate the role of the ERK signaling pathway in the cancer development and progression where the ERK pathway is often hyperactivated.

The projects concerning following topics are available

  • The role of the ERK pathway in the establishment of cell shape and polarity.
  • The role of the ERK pathway in the development and metastatic progression of squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.
  • The dynamic changes in gene expression and in transcriptome upon the ERK pathway activation.

We are looking for bright and highly motivated PhD candidates to strengthen our team. Previous knowledge of some cell and molecular biology techniques (recombinant DNA, protein expression, western blots, cell culture, microscopy and cell imaging) is a plus.

 Interested candidates should contact Tomas Vomastek (

 Tomas Vomastek

Laboratory of Cell Signaling, Institute of Microbiology AS CR,

Videnska 1083, Prague-4, Czech Republic