Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The Institute of Microbiology of the CAS represents the largest scientific body extensively exploring life cycles, molecular mechanisms and regulatory systems of various microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae) as well as mammalian cell lines with respect to basic research questions as well as their prospective practical exploitation in medicine and industry.


  • Tomáš Hrnčíř

    21.03. 201915:00
    Food Additives – Triggers of Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis
  • Richard Stefl/Brno

    04.04. 201915:00
    A genome-mined novel lincosamide antibiotic from Rhodococcus
  • Petra Beznosková

    28.04. 201915:00
    Readthrough inducing tRNAs – new approach of how to treat diseases caused by nonsense mutations
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