Researchers from the Institute of Microbiology of the CAS, v. v. i. are, in collaboration with Czech universities, actively engaged in teaching and scientific supervising the students beginning with the bachelor studies. Under the supervision of skilled professionals from a broad spectrum of fields the students undergo scientific training in various methodologies and practices while working on their Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis.

There are about 150-180 students from various universities working in the Institute of Microbiology of the CAS, v. v. i. each year. They are working on their Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis making use of the full spectrum of scientific equipment and informational resources that our Institute offers. As a benefit, they can also enjoy discounted price for meals at our newly renovated canteen. Our Institute also organizes an annual autumn retreat in our Educational center in Jachymov, where the students meet each other for the first time to make friends as well as to learn all what they should know about our Institute.

The actual list of projects that our laboratories offer to the students can be found either in the corresponding informational systems of individual universities or on personal web pages of each laboratory. But do not hesitate to directly contact our group leaders even if they do not seem to offer any free position at a given time; they might be too busy to start advertising it.



How do I get started if I want to prepare a bachelor, diploma or dissertation work at the Institute of Microbiology?

The best starting point is to address the research lab you would like to participate in. You can start with the topics listed (mainly dissertations) with the offers of laboratories that are currently looking for students. Don´t be disappointed if you do not find a suitable offer for you. Check out information on individual laboratories on the Institute of Microbiology website, and if you have any interest in some of the laboratories, do not hesitate to contact the head of the lab or other worker directly. You will talk to him about the next course.

Do I have to consult the laboratory of the Institute of Microbiology?

To develop any formal student work you must be (or become) a student of some of the Czech or foreign universities. The specific agreement between the University and the Institute of Microbiology is individual – it depends on the university, type of student work, and on whether you are already studying or just planning to start the study. Therefore, consult the appropriate laboratory of your choice. Keep in mind that starting university studies usually precedes the admission procedure, for which you must sign in time.


Can I get involved in research as a high school student?

Yes, it is possible. Contact a laboratory whose research you are interested in and agree on specific collaboration options. Excellent opportunities are also academic internships at the Academy of Sciences workplaces within the Open Science (Otevřená Věda) project. Traineeships are targeted directly at high school and college students and can be a starting position, whether for a secondary school project or for your future bachelor or diploma thesis. For more information, please visit


Will I have duties as a student at the Institute of Microbiology?

Your obligations are mainly due to an agreement with the head of the laboratory where you will work. It concerns both the progress of your student work and any other work activities. If you have a job, you are required to comply with all applicable IM regulations, especially attendance at the workplace according to the workload. Graduate students are also expected to attend constitutional scientific seminars on Friday morning.


Will I get any financial reward?

Students of doctoral study receive a scholarship from their faculties. The amount is different for each faculty and may depend on the year you are studying, on teaching and publication activity or on participation in scientific conferences. Engagement at the Institute of Microbiology must always be agreed with your laboratory’s supervisor – the amount depends on the laboratory’s capacity and specific agreement. Doctoral students usually receive workloads equal to 50-100% of the time, bachelor’s and master’s students, due to their limited time capacity, most often a symbolic job of 5-20%.


Are there any other benefits waiting for me as a university student at the Institute of Microbiology?

The greatest benefit is undoubtedly the ability to develop student (bachelor, master or doctoral) work in a modern scientific institution and optimally start your professional career. In addition, there are a number of other benefits to you:

Motivational reward for scientific performance and publication activity
If the results of your work in the laboratory are published in a publication where you are the first author, you will be awarded by the director of the Institute of Microbiology in an amount corresponding to the impact factor of the scientific journal multiplied by the amount of CZK 1000 (impact factors reflects the journal´s prestige and is usually between 1 and 10). Regular rewards are also given to the best diploma and dissertation works and to the scientific teams for excellent publication outputs.

If you have a job at the Institute of Microbiology, you will be entitled to SODEXO meal vouchers of CZK 75, which will be subsidized by the employer at CZK 38.50. The number of meals will depend on the amount of your work and attendance. Vouchers can be used both in the two dining rooms of the Krč campus and in a number of other catering facilities and grocery stores.

Foreign language courses
As an employee of the Institute of Microbiology, you can take financially advantageous courses in foreign languages, especially English (general and specialized English, exam courses, courses of Czech for foreigners). Language courses are held in the center of Prague, not far from Masaryk Train Station (Cabinet of Languages ​​of the Institute of Czech Language, Hybernská 8/1000, 110 00 Praha 1); for more information, please visit: In addition, English courses are also held in the Krč campus at the Institute of Molecular Genetics. These can be attended by individual arrangement.

Other employee benefits
If you have worked at the Institute of Microbiology for more than 1 year with a minimum of 50% time, you are entitled to one of the following benefits: (1) (2) Flexi Pass vouchers –, (3) Multisport card –

Sporting activities
There is a gym and squash court in the campus of Krč – and an outdoor playground with artificial surface (football, basketball, volleyball)


Do I qualify for accommodation when I am not from Prague?

As a college student, you can apply for student accommodation according to the offers provided by your university. Many students find their accommodation by renting a private apartment. Accommodation in the hostel of the Institute of Microbiology is primarily intended for foreign workers, and only exceptionally for students from the Czech Republic.