Laboratory of Infection Biology


Head of the Laboratory:
RNDr. Jana Kamanová, PhD.

Tel.: +420 241 062 018



RNDr. Jana Kamanová, PhD. Head of the Laboratory
RNDr. Ivana Malcová, CSc. Scientist
RNDr. Ondřej Černý, PhD. Postdoctoral fellow
Ing. Hana Michová, PhD. Postdoctoral fellow
Ing. Martin Zmuda PhD student
Mgr. Milada Kambová PhD student
Msc. Alona Dreus PhD student
Msc. Tania Romero Allsop Research assistant
Msc. Darío Martín Research assistant
RNDr. Dana Janošková Research assistant
Mgr. Barbora Pravdová Research assistant
Bc. Anežka Jirsová Master student
Bc. Paulína Mathéová Master student
Bc. Eliška Sedláčková Master student
Bc. Denisa Vondrová Master student

Our laboratory focuses on understanding how bacteria cause disease. The research addresses molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlay bacterial virulence with special emphasis on type III effector proteins. The type III effector proteins are injected into the host cell by a bacterial syringe-like apparatus, known as a type III secretion system, in order to manipulate host cell signaling pathways and defense. We unravel how type III effector proteins act inside host cells and what are the details and functional consequences of their interactions and/or enzymatic activities.

Our model system are pathogenic Bordetella species that colonize the respiratory tract of mammals and cause respiratory infections. We aim to understand the molecular mechanism of action of BteA effector and its role in the pathogenesis of whooping cough disease caused by B. pertussis and B. parapertussis.

We also target the genus of aquatic Aeromonas. These bacteria encode various type III secretion effectors with yet undiscovered functions. We decode their role in the symbiosis of Aeromonas with the medicinal leech.

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