Centre Cytometry and Microscopy

Středisko Cytometrie a Mikroskopie



Head: Jan Svoboda, PhD.

Phone: +420 296 442 336
Email: svoboda@biomed.cas.cz


RNDr. Jan Svoboda, Ph.D. Postdok
Mgr. Iva Novosádová Postgraduální student
Mgr. Žaneta Slavíčková Odborný pracovník VaV
Lucie Zahradníková Laborant

The Cytometry and Microscopy Core Facility uses fluorescence methods, when a compound, excited by light of given energy (wavelenght) is able to emit light of lower energy (higher wavelenght). Combining the methods of flow cytometry, where the intensity of fluorescence is precisely measured (and thus the abundance of fluorescent molecules on/in the cell) with confocal microscopy, which exactly depicts the localization of fluorescence (the location/position of the molecule in the cell) allows for a perfectly defined fate of the observed compounds, markers and molecules in specific cell subpopulations.

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