Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology


Head of the Laboratory:

MUDr. Miloslav Kverka, Ph.D.


Phone: + 420 296 442 452

MUDr. Miloslav Kverka, Ph.D. Head of the Laboratory
prof. MUDr. Helena Tlaskalová, DrSc. Senior scientist
RNDr. Martin Bilej, DrSc. Scientist
Ing. Peter Ergang, Ph.D. Scientist
MUDr. David Funda, Ph.D. Scientist
RNDr. Zuzana Zákostelská-Jirásková, Ph.D. Scientist
Mgr. Klára Kostovčíková, Ph.D Scientist
prof. MUDr. Jiří Městecký, DrSc. Scientist
RNDr. Petra Procházková, Ph.D. Scientist
RNDr. Radka Roubalová, Ph.D. Scientist
RNDr. Ing. Daniel Sánchez, Ph.D. Scientist
MUDr. Lukáš Bajer, Ph.D. Postdoctoral fellow
Mgr. Štěpán Coufal, Ph.D. Postdoctoral fellow
Mgr. Zuzana Reiss, Ph.D. Postdoctoral fellow
Mgr. Natálie Galanová PhD student
Ing. Zuzana Jacková PhD student
Mgr. Janet Ježková PhD student
Mgr. Leona Kejzlarová PhD student
Mgr. Michal Kraus PhD student
Mgr. Katarína Krempaská PhD student
MUDr. Adéla Sánchez Szczepanková PhD student
Mgr. Dagmar Schierová PhD student
Mgr. Tereza Tejklová PhD student
Mgr. Tomáš Thon PhD student
Mgr. Markéta Tenglerová PhD student
Bc. Kristýna Coufalová Student
Helena Hlaváčková Student
Bc. Mônica Jandová Student
Magdaléna Korecká Student
Mgr. Tereza Kovářová Student
Bc. Gabriela Kubištová Student
Bc. Tereza Ludvíková Student
Anna Pavličová Student
Bc. Kateřina Zadáková Student
Anna Zelenska Student
Ing. Věra Hábová Technician
Ing. Alena Kubátová Technician

The Laboratory is focused on three main topics:

  • Comparative immunology, defense mechanisms in the evolution, isolation and characterization of new immunologically important molecules


  • The study of  autoimmune diseases – celiac disease and  type 1 diabetes, the effect of environmental factors: microbiota and diets on the disease development


  • Innate and adaptive immunity on mucosal surfaces under conventional and germ-free conditions and diseases affecting gastrointestinal tract – inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease and food allergy

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